KOGA operates monthly service from our Houston load center to the North Coast of South America and ports en-route including Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname. This service will cater to the cargoes generated by the oil, gas, mining, power generation, and infrastructure activity in the region.


  • Colombia transit time:  6-9 days AGW WOG WP
  • Venezuela transit time: 7-10 days AGW WOG WP
  • Point Lisas transit time: 7-10 days AGW WOG WP
  • Guyana transit time: 10-15 days AGW WOG WP


  • Terminal Receiving Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 4:30pm.
  • Cargo and Documentation not requiring SED: 2 days prior to sailing.
  • Shipments requiring SED/EEI, Hazardous: Documents must be received at 4:00pm 2 days prior to sailing.
  • Bonded Cargo and Documents: 4:00pm 2 days prior to sailing.

KOGA provides voyage opportunities for ocean carriage of full and part cargoes. KOGA relies on a decades of relationship of shipowners, brokers, and cargo interests around the world to develop solutions for cargo movements of all non-containerized cargo types.

The KOGA team has been involved in most of the major projects in the region for the past 25 years. Often times the best solutions are found through combining the right plan with local knowledge and relationships. The KOGA team has unmatched experience overcoming the constant challenges to budget, schedule, and safety for projects in the region. This network and experience is a valuable asset for our clients.

Having operated thousands of vessels through the region for more than 30 years the KOGA team understands challenges at both ends of a cargo’s transit. Our broad network of colleagues, partners and contacts is one of our biggest assets to ensure efficiency and safety of our clients cargo transportation requirements.


Our team specializes in the transportation of dry cargo, including breakbulk, bulk, project and heavy lift.